Tuesday, May 1, 2012

29 Faces... #1

My plate's been a little extra full these past few weeks. But when my friend Andra of Andra's Whimsies posted about joining the 29 Faces Challenge, I had to find out more. Faces are my favorite subject after-all. and for better or for worse, they are my "thing".

I love when artists come together to challenge and encourage each other. This group was created by Ayala Art as a way to encourage creating art every day throughout this leap year's month of February. The participants enjoyed it so much that the challenge has continued on!

Having only heard about May's challenge 8 days in, I'm a little behind. But I have been working daily, so I think I have enough to fill in the last 7 days. I'll do my best to create new work each of the rest of the days! I have backdated the posts so that they work for the viewer.

Please check out the other artists' work. AMAZING!!!

Day 1:
Immaculate Heart
Charcoal over Abstract Background

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