Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Rythm of Creating...

My friend, Tracy, of Thru The Attic Door, shared a blog post about the music she listens to while she creates, and I was thinking about how important music has become to me in the process of painting on a daily basis. First, as I imagine, any mother of a house full of kiddos can relate to... I need to drown out the noise sometimes. Nothing kills a creative mood like bickering kids. They know when I'm working, Daddy's in charge of keeping everyone alive. But it doesn't stop them from arguing over who claimed the wrapper from the red crayon first to see how small they could fold it. (You know... the one I'll be picking up the million pieces of later on in the evening.)

I just turn on my mp3 player, or call up youtube on the laptop, and "la la la... I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"
There are other times when I'm just not feeling particularly creative. Sometimes I get frustrated at how many things stood between me and the workbench throughout the day. I get so tense that I can't imagine painting something remotely pretty. But if I put on some music... eventually that brush will look awfully inviting again :)

Then, there's the whole "mood" thing. If I know I want to paint an inspiring angel, I will turn to my favorite praise and worship music. If I want to paint a dark and layered abstract, I'll most likely turn to Aerosmith, and see where we go from there. Country music usually puts me in a super happy mood, which is always fun to paint little people all day.

But my favorite music to paint or sew by, is a combination of folk and "mountain-ish" music. I will confess right up front, that it's probably not the authentic stuff. I like the more commercial versions of the old songs. But there's just something about that soulful calling out of voice and music that "gets me" every time. Some of it's fun. Some of it's haunting. I love it. And it makes me want to create from deep down inside.
Here's a link to my current "favorite painting music" playlist. It's still a work in progress, but oh, how I LOVE to paint with this music in the background!

Of course, I'm a bit spoiled having a musician hubby. I love painting while he's playing his guitar. Though those short retreats are usually interrupted by a two year old who decides his sister makes a good bike ramp. No. He doesn't have a bike. Have you never had a two year old? They don't need a bike to use a ramp... LOL

And sometimes... late at night...  I just like it to be quiet.


  1. I guess I need to listen to some music to get my juices flowing ! I'll check out your playlist. :o)
    Stella and Mary are just beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Lori!
    I've been having fun setting up different style playlists :)
    Definately try it! I am much more likely to get into a groove and paint if the music's playing :)


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