Friday, April 27, 2012

New Painting and Ponderings on Mom...

It's been a great couple of weeks of productivity. I've just been diving in and enjoying the waters of life, art, and all the little suprises in between. It's strange how things evolve sometimes, and you find yourself somewhere different then you expected, but oh so glad you wandered off the beaten path.
My life is no more on solid ground than it was a few months ago. But the fear is gone. Maybe the secret to not having solid ground beneath you is finally sprouting those wings ;)
"Immaculate Heart"
12x16 Abstract & Charcoal on Gallery Canvas

In many ways, life has gotten even more challenging. My wonderful mother-in-law has had a downward turn in her health situation, which requires my husband to be there for her much more intensely than casual visits and running errands. She depends on him now. And he is there. My heart aches for her. But at the same time I am falling deeper in love with this man every day. One of the reasons I knew he was a keeper all those years ago was because of how good he was to his mom. Now, she needs him to be her strength, her memory, her safeguard. He feels guilty leaving us sometimes. But having lost my own mom 7 years ago, I know that he will never EVER regret being there for the woman who did the same for him when he came into this world. No matter how demanding, difficult, or untimely our needs were, our moms cared for us... nurtured us... loved us. Isn't the natural circle of life to do the same for them when they need us?

I didn't even realize when I began posting this what the message would be. Ironically, my most recent painting is of Mary. I usually draw her looking older, but as I worked, this younger face emerged. And as I reflected on it later, I can see that there is a bit of the weight of the world on her shoulders, and a hint of sorrow in her eyes. She couldn't have known what was down the road, but she loved with all her heart. And in the end, before He died, Jesus' heart could not expire until He made sure she was taken care of. His sacrifice was to save us all... the greatest love in all the world. Yet, He could not forget the one who had given everything for Him... His mom.

This painting already has a new home, and I know that home is blessed with a wonderful mom of it's own. I hope she finds strength and  encouragement when she looks at it, and remembers the ultimate love of a mother and son.

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  1. What a wonderful painting and touching post Linda!
    My husband likes his mother too. :o)


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