Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 New Paintings...

In an effort to create a variety of pieces to accomodate a variety of budgets, I've been experimenting with different surfaces to paint on. I have finally found a nice quality mixed-media paper that works will with my heavily layered style. I am happy with how these smaller paintings are coming along. I think I will keep trying different papers. I know a lot of people prefer to frame their art, rather than hang a canvas. I've also been working on cardboard, thanks to inspiration from one of my favorite artists, Mystele, of Little Glimpses Studio. I have taken a couple of her classes, and am a member of her wonderful artists community. One of the surfaces she enjoyes working on is cardboard. It took me a while to find my niche with it, but now.... gosh... it may be my favorite!!! It looks great framed, or just tucked into a nook with other lovely grungy art :)

By reducing my materials cost on canvases and lowering shipping costs, I am able to offer these original pieces for almost "print prices". It's a great way for folks who appreciate original art, to collect pieces without breaking the bank!

Last night, I listed this new Abstract Angel on mixed media paper:

Abstract Angel
5x7 on mixed-media paper
(click image for details)

And I listed this gal on cardboard earlier today:

Abstract Angel
8x11 Cardboard Canvas
(click image for details)

Working on LOTS more!

It is dog gone HOT here in Rhode Island! The paint is drying faster than I can spread it. How about where you are? Hope you're staying cool and hydrated :)

Blessings... Linda


  1. Your girls are gorgeous Linda... love the corrugated cardboard too... how awesome... in Australia... it is winter... and as I type... I am sitting by the heater, well rugged up... as the rain falls outside...

    Jenny x

  2. Thanks so much Jenny :)
    Stay warm!!! I am trying to enjoy this heat, knowing that winter will be here in what feels like the blink of an eye...



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