Friday, May 18, 2012

29 Faces... #18

Day 18:
12x16 Abstract & Charcoal

Did this one for a Frida Challenge hosted by Gritty Jane.
Check out all the AMAZING artwork submitted.


  1. this piece is wonderful
    i love the way you have portrayed Frida
    also i scrolled back through some of your other faces, a joy to see. thank you.

  2. Beautiful portrayal of Frida, Thanks for sharing the link to the Frida Challenge

  3. Gorgeous! I just love your way to draw, with charcoal and on an abstract background! I think I would like to try that too, exciting! :)
    You have many good works below I can see..

  4. Such a beautiful rendition of Frida! I adore all that fabulous texture too!! :)


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