Friday, May 24, 2013

Life's kicks in the butt...

So much of my life has felt like a balance between disaster and bliss. I think many of us have that same journey. The joys of new life mingled with the sadness of losing a parent. Celebrations of graduations mingled with the hospitalization of a loved one. The list goes on and on. I guess that's life.

Our family has been living in a bit of a state of limbo for quite some time. After some hardships that hit a few years back, we were dealing with a possible foreclosure. We have been waiting for 16 months for the mortgage company to make a decision in regards to a loan modification. Weeks ago, we received the letter of denial. They apparently were missing information regarding my husband's second job, so again.... we are in limbo.

It's hard not to let it all get to you. But I have so much to be joyful about. Other than this huge mat being pulled out from under us, I'm pretty thrilled with my life. I've decided to trust that there must be amazing things ahead. Every time something drastic has happened in the past, something better has been around the corner. I never would have turned that corner unless things had kicked my butt to do so. Seems that maybe things are no different this time. I have been diving head first into painting, promotion, networking, trying to focus on working harder to improve things rather than to give in to worries. I've sold three paintings this week, was contacted by a New England gallery to place my artwork there, and reconnected with another gallery owner and friend. I'll be sending paintings to her gallery in South Dakota.

Who knows what is right around the corner? All I do know is I'm not waiting for life to happen to me. I am marching forward, and trusting that this is all a kick in the butt to make me move in the direction where my dreams will stop being dreams and become the reality of working hard and taking chances.

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