Saturday, December 1, 2012

Working Hard and Enjoying Life :)

You know that debate that goes on in your head when you realize it's been a shameful amount of time since you last updated your blog? Goes something like this, "Do I make a big deal of this, and post apologies and promises to do better? Do I share a mile long post about everything that's been keeping me away from blogging? Do I post a million photos of the new puppy to make people forget I even create art? Or do I just pretend I've been blogging all along, and post as if it's only been days?"

Oh, the drama of it all ;)

I think I'll do a little of all of them. I am sorry I've been such a pathetic blogger of late.  New puppy, sick kiddos, and refinishing our home have all been taking the center stage. Every night when my head hits the pillow, I think, "I should have blogged a little about this". Then I think, "tomorrrow", and drift off to sleep with the best of intentions, only to be greeted by a new crazy day.

I actually have been busy getting A LOT of paintings done. I am very excited to announce that my work will be on exhibit throughout the month of December at the Barrington Library, in Barrington, RI. I've been enjoying every moment creating in my new studio. And the best part is, I can make all the mess I want, then just leave it to be with my family. No worries about buried dining room tables! This was the first Thanksgiving in more years than I can count, that I worked throughout the week, and still hosted a family gathering without any insanity!!! The room is filled with such delightful creative energy. I feel so at home here, listening to my favorite tunes and pumping out glittered and grungy angels :)

I will post more about Barrington once the display is set up tomorrow, but here is a little sampling of what I've been up to:
 Dozens of paintings in various stages are shuffled about waiting for the next layer to be lovingly added! 
 Stacks of finished pieces...
 I've got pieces drying EVERYWHERE! Ran out of surfaces, and had to resort to my paper cutting station. (Yes... the floor... LOL)
 Made lots of Angel and Ragamuffin Ornaments!
They are hanging everywhere drying in various stages!!!
I had to create a small business sign to place with the display. Love how this charming frame keeps it looking crisp and clean with just a little bling. Can't really see it in the photo, but the soft glitter sprinkled on the graphics looks great!
And I couldn't resist just 1 puppy photo!!! Isn't she the cutest little thing on earth??? I am so in love with this sweet girl :)

With a studio to work in, and this big Barrington project finished, I can spend a little time this week adding some Christmas trimmings to the living room, work on some more special pieces, and hopefully, spend some time here in blogland with my artsy friends. Oh... and take lots more puppy pics!!! She's already quite a bit bigger than in that last photo. She is learning her commands, enjoying her walks, and sleeping through the night... YAHOO!!! Less than two weeks of taking her out every two hours. She's a doll!!!

Be back soon with that Barrington Library update! Enjoy this gorgeous first weekend of December. It's snowing here. How 'bout where you are?

Linda xo

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