Monday, June 18, 2012

New Paintings...

I have been wanting to work on a variety of original paintings for folks on various budgets. I know there are MANY artists and friends whose work I would treasure, but it just is not in my ability to afford all those lovely pieces right now. (I'm working on it... LOL)

So, I've been tinkering... adjusting... experimenting a bit. I have five new smaller sized abstract angel paintings. Two are on mini canvases, one is on a 5x7 canvas, one is done on heavy art paper, and one is done on cardboard. Can I just say, I am addicted to working on cardboard? Not only is it a perfectly grungy mixed-media surface, but hey.... It's totally "green"! Love re-using materials in my work. All of these pieces will be a great way to collect some affordable original art. Now... If my 2 year old "office manager" will go to sleep, I will try to list them in our Etsy Shop! :)

Many more surfaces are prepped and ready for other sweet faces to emerge. Stay tuned this week for multiple updates! And my little Bekah is home to paint beside me, adding to all that sweet inspiration :)

Thanks for taking a peek!
Blessings... Linda

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