Friday, March 9, 2012

Pixlr dot com

If you're like me, you are one of the thousands of bloggers and photo enthusiasts who have been enjoying the ease and quality of for the past few years. I used picnik for many purposes professionally and personally. It was my "go to" choice for photo editing, especially for family photos. It was the EASIEST to use and offered editing functions that most online editors don't, including layering and other manual adjustments. I have photoshop elements, but to be honest... I just haven't had the time to take all the tutorials, etc. With six kids and a grandbaby under my wing, it makes finding extra time to learn new gadgets tough.

Well, again... if you're like me, you were somewhat devastated when you logged onto picnik in January to discover the message that they are closing. :-O

Apparently, they are owned by google and are now being included in the google+ interfacing. I went there to see if it was as simple as joining google+ to be able to use picnik in it's new life as Creative Kit. Well... it's there, but it is not recieving rave reviews. I checked it out. And I read the hundreds of comments in many forums. I have yet to read one person's comments that reflect a positive spin on this change. The resounding response seems to be disappointment. And while some have resorted to using the new Creative Kit, the reviews are that it does not have the same amount of effects and adjustments as picnik did. The echoing sentiment seems to be, "if you're looking for the same quality editor as picnik, look elsewhere. You won't find it in Creative Kit."

So.... I began a quest to find something... anything that was comparable. I know. I know. I WILL indeed have to bite the bullet and learn the ins and outs of photoshop elements. But when I'm not looking for lengthy professional adjustments, and all I want is a quick "oo la la" effect, I need an online editor that offers variety, ease, and some manual tweaking.

I visited a few sites today. Some looked promising, but I couldn't even get my photo to upload. Then, once it did, my options were few and far between, and there was no undo. No undo? Seriously?

Ok. The good news.

No. The GREAT news!!!


*If you already know all about this... don't gloat. It's not my fault I didn't find it earlier. I'm a one editor woman, and I never would have looked elsewhere if picnik didn't leave me ;)

But seriously folks... Here's the best news I've heard all day...

Go ahead. Click. Check this site out!!!

Now, when I first found the site today, it was through a link to their pixlr-o-matic. That is their Super fast editor that has few, if any, manual adjustments. It's just click, click, click... choose an effect, an overlay, and a border. You can't even use more than one of each. But there is a lot to choose from, and they are fun, contemporary, "hot" options. It's the perfect tool to quickly edit a photo to share in a blog post or on a social network site. No cropping, rotating, etc. Just fun editing. It creates images that are reflective of the instagram photos we're all seeing on facebook.
Here's a link to pixlr-o-matic:

After playing around on the pixlr-o-matic, I discovered other links. I ventured into the
Ya baby... Now, this is what we're talkin' about!!! I read that this is the platform most resembling picnik of the pixlr options. And so far, I agree. I love it. I will admit... there are some old standbys which I will sorely miss from picnik. But... I must also admit, that I didn't know what I was missing until I used pixlr express today. It has the border effects I've been longing for. And it has WAY MORE overlays than picnik has!!! YIPEE... I am a happy camper.

Then, of course, there is the more serious

I have yet to venture into the program, but just at face value, it "looks" more like the traditional photoshop-y programs. I am very much looking forward to having the time to play with it.

Long story... well... still long, I guess...
I have found a program that will keep me happy for quite a while. Or until they dump me for google++ I guess. But, this experience has also reminded me of something I try to live by. In all things, there are gifts to be discovered. Losing the security blanket of picnik was just the incentive I needed to explore. And how happy I am that one door closed in order for this window to open!

My husband? Ya. He's thrilled I found yet another new online site to keep me enthralled for hours. Who needs home cooked meals anyway? Hasn't he heard "raw" is the new "in" thing? hee hee...

Ok. Off to fix dinner, and dream of adding dirty borders to all of my images. Umm... I mean as in dirt... real dirt.

Have a GREAT night :)

Blessings... Linda

PS. I'm not telling anyone NOT to use the new Creative Kit. For all I know, they are tweaking it constantly, and it will rock. And I was really only joking about being a "one editor woman". In fact, I find that the more editing elements you combine, the more unique and interesting the outcome. So... use them all, and HAVE FUN! I love picnik. I really do, and I wish they weren't leaving me :'(

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  1. Linda..thank you SO much. I have been having this very same dilemma! I did find Photoscape, which is very good but I just tried PIXLR express and LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Hugs, doreen


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