Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life... A Mixed Media/Abstract Painting

16x20 Abstract/Mixed Media
Painting on cradled wood.
(click image for details)

I've been exploring my "inner abstract" lately, and I'm really thrilled with how this piece came out. It's the first piece I've created that really feels like "me". That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed all the others. But this was like an explosion of poetry, life, imagination, and pure abandon. It just "happened", and flowed so naturally. I plan on making more larger pieces to show a local gallery. Can't wait to see what else pours out!

This piece, titled "Life" is currently available in our Hallowed Hill Etsy Shop. I'm thinking that will eventually be for a more specific line of themed art and music my husband and I work on together. But at the moment, it's my most active shop. I will be shifting original artwork to my Glitter and Grunge Studio shop within the next few months. When I created Linda Pinda Designs, it was basically for my line of graphic work, templates, etc. I want to move away from the "design" aspect, and settle into original art. "Glitter and Grunge" just says it all for me. I'm a girly-girl who loves everything old and worn. I love art that is raw, with just enough "pretty" to make my heart go pitter patter.

Still figuring out how to transition everything. But definately enjoying the journey!

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