Monday, March 26, 2012

At Home

Well... I did it!

I kind of feel like I just stepped off a cliff into a bit of the unknown. But taking action is still an amazing thing. Will I fall? Will I fly? So far, I'm on cloud 9, so I'm voting for flying :)

Four years ago, I started my online business as Linda Pinda Designs. The "Linda Pinda" was for my mom, who called me that all my life. She had died just months prior to my online endeavor, and I so wanted to honor her, as I have no doubt that whatever artistic talent I have was inherited from her. The "Designs" part was a little more of a fluke. I wanted linda pinda dot com, but that was already taken. I tried on a few different add ons, but the one that fit the best was designs because my business primarily focused on graphic design at the time. But it never "rang that bell" for me.

Now, my focus in on original art.  I'm also enjoying following some other heart adventures. And my husband and I work so much together on songwriting and other creative passions, that I wanted a business we could both call home. Our studio/home is where we do all of our work and it's the perfect glitter and grunge surrounding to inspire us.

Today was the day I officially said "good-bye" to Linda Pinda Designs, and asked my friends to follow me here. I knew it was coming. But still... every decision has a little "what if" attached to it. It was thanks to my inspiration word for 2012, ACTION, that I finally decided it was time to move on.

So... no more dividing myself. I am at home now here at Glitter & Grunge Studio. And I'll still be using the artist name of Linda Pinda in honor of my mom, so all is right in my heart.

Thanks to all of my friends who have been such a part of this journey for me. I am excited about the new horizons, and I want to welcome you all to connect with me here on my new blog.

Love & Blessings.... Linda

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